azabstract09.fwBridging the gap between the dream and reality.

When you start a business you are taking on two different jobs – the one you know and the one you don’t know.

The first is why you started the business. It is the thing that you do. The why of your business.

The second is the management of the business. Unfortunately by the time most owners realize that the two are not the same the business is in trouble.

Statistics show that even after 5 years in business the rate of failure is around 50%.

Dedicate yourself to what you know best.

You went into business with a passion to do something – provide a service, create a product, etc. That is what you need to focus on because it is a full time job.  One half of the equation for success is that you are incredibly knowledgeable about your product or service.

The other half is being incredibly knowledgeable about the business of running a business. Once again this is running the back end of the business and not the front end – the selling of your product or service.

Honesty leads to more success.

Here is the test of truth. Is your answer yes or no to the following question?

I have significant expertise in finance, accounting, marketing, strategic planning, human resources and can do it by myself.

If you answered yes then you are in the same business that we are.

If you said no then let us help insure your success by discussing what we can offer.